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New: Wiring diagrams for Yamaha XS650 Choppers

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I'll be taking the best bits of this bike

And installing them into this frame 

I really don't care much for those swirly '80s mag wheels, so you'll see those go away

I stripped off most of the needed parts from the donor bike
including the engine.  Since I'm not keeping the frame of the donor bike, it was
a lot easier to cut the frame to facilitate removal of the engine.

With the engine out, I'm ready to start cleaning it up and getting the chopper frame
ready for the transplant



Well, it's been a month and I'm finally starting to get things going again:

I'm installing a new rear fender as the one that came with the chopper frame
was too narrow and not mounted properly. This one is being a bit of a bitch to
mount properly, but I'm figuring it out through a lot of trial and error.

I welded the kickstand from the donor bike onto the frame


March 2, 2003
Getting back into it:

I changed the front end to an '83 XS650 with the double laced spokes on the front wheel.

I'm thinking about leaving the rear wheel the aluminum mag, but I'm not sure yet.....

Drag bars give it a low, mean look.

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