The 17th Annual GPNDG
July 31st — August 3rd, 2008
Maryhill State Park, WA (near Biggs, OR)

Pics in no particular order:

The view from the Stonehenge War Memorial
The campground is down by the river, near the north side of the bridge

The view is grand.  You can see a whole train from end to end on the other side of the river

The Stonehenge World War 1 Memorial.  One more thing that a rich guy and a lot of concrete can do!

The last time anybody pumped a gallon of gas at this station, the price was 39 cents a gallon and they checked your oil, your tire pressure, cleaned your points, washed your windshield, gave you a free road map and a flag for the antenna.

This is about as close to church as I like to get.  My eyes start burning if I get any closer.

Sunset on the Columbia....

Land Speed Record Contender Motorcycle newly accessorized......

Friday night, things got a little sideways....

Dave shows off his enormous "Johnson".  Always rock hard and ready!

The "no smoking within 25 feet" rule doesn't apply to cigars, does it?

Lucy does her best Jimmy Durante impression

St. Carl gives out the awards Saturday night

The chairs were not the only victims of 3 days and nights of heavy drinking....

Magnesium motorcycle parts in the fire were not only our sacrifice to "The God's of Speed" but they also allowed our campfire to be seen from outer space.

Shasta was so eager to get home on Sunday that she even offered to drive the RV.

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