Converting your KZ1000P from a fairing to a windshield:

I've been asked several times; "What do I need to do to remove the stock cop fairing and
install just the headlight, turn signals and perhaps an aftermarket windshield?".

Well, here's what I did.  Note that this is the "down and dirty" way to go.
My copsicle is a utility vehicle to me, and you might want to add a little more finesse if this is your baby.  Here's what I did to get the job done with a minimum of expense:

Click on any picture to enlarge:

I mounted a 1960-84 Harley windshield to my bike

I used aftermarket headlight brackets and an
old headlight bucket from the parts pile.

I had to fabricate some mounting brackets for
the windshield.

I removed the turn signals from the fairing
and mounted them to the holes I drilled in the
fabricated windshield mounts.

Use a Molex plug to connect to the
stock wiring harness.(or cut it, see if I care!)

I used an old inner tube and a couple wire ties
to cover the wiring plugs.  You might come up with
something more attractive.

Click here for the wiring diagrams you'll need for the conversion

Here's what I told the last guy that asked:

  The fairing is mounted to the crash bars and to the steering head.  First, unplug the
wiring harness from the fairing (Molex plug on the left lower inside part of the fairing)
then, simply remove the two bolts holding it to the crash bars, remove the headlight
from the fairing and undo the two bolts behind the headlight holding it to the steering
head.  The whole thing should just come right off.

Now, you are going to need a headlight bucket assembly.  I suggest finding one off
any old Japanese parts bike.  You will also need some headlight mounting brackets.
If you have a motorcycle parts dealer in your area that has an account with Custom
Chrome, Drag Specialties or one of the other aftermarket Harley parts suppliers,
order a set of universal headlight mounting brackets. They are cheap, about
$12-$14.  If you can't find them locally, try J-P Cycles
they have them for $12.99, item number 12-516.  They mount to the fork tubes (you
will want to remove the fairing mount from the steering head to accommodate them).
Depending on the headlight bucket you find, you may or may not need to fabricate
some spacers.  Use some 3/8" metal tubing or whatever else you might have sitting
around or can steal off the neighbor kids Schwinn.

Remove the turn signals from the fairing and mount them to your bike with angle
brackets or to the holes in the headlight mounting brackets (you might need some
washers here).
You will probably have to fabricate something, but it's really not that hard.  As for a
windshield, I used one I had from my old Harley. It's a 1960-84 Harley FLH
windshield.   I had to fabricate the mounts from some flat bar steel and mounted
them to the triple tree bolts.  I can take some digital pictures up close and post them
to my web page if you like.  I mounted the turn signals to the mounts I made for the
windshield.  Check with your aftermarket parts guy, he can probably recommend a
windshield that will mount to your bike without having to fabricate anything.  I just
did it 'cause I'm too cheap to buy something new and for some reason, I like
fabricating things (just ask my wife).

Next, you will need to wire the headlight and turn signals to the bike.  You can either
cut the Molex plug off of the wiring harness or, do like I did and buy a blank Molex
plug and fabricate your own plug that will go into the factory harness.  I think it's a
1292PRT plug, .093" connector.  Tell the geeks at the electronics store that's what
you need and they should be able to help you.  It will cost you about $3.00.

The wires you will need to hook up the headlight/turn signals are:

High Beam: Red/Black
Low Beam: Red/Yellow

Running Lights: Blue

Right Signal: Gray

Left Signal: Green

Ground for all: Black/Yellow

I would suggest using good quality crimp connectors and insulating them with heat
shrink tubing (which you can get at the electronics store when you buy the Molex

This is all very easy for me since I work in the electronics field.  If this is too
simplified, let me know and I can take some pictures and post them to my web page
to help make things easier.

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Last update: 11/26/2002