1990 BMW K75 Project:

1990 BMW K75RT.  "Abruptly parked".  Low miles, well taken care of. 
Totaled by the insurance company.
My original plan was to part it out, which is what we do best here at Cyclepsycho.

Fiberglass parts were completely destroyed.  Headlight was shattered.

Hole in the right engine cover, leaking oil. 
Crack in the radiator neck, leaking coolant.
Did I mention that the fiberglass parts were toast?

Bags (not shown) had some damage, but were repairable. 
The rest of the bike didn't look too bad, but we wouldn't know
until we did a complete inspection.

Stripped of fairing, tank, seat and radiator, ready for a bath,
Forks not bent, wheel not bent. 
Engine runs good, with the exception of the leaks, which were soon repaired.

Bars not bent, some scratches here and there, but no major trauma apparent.

Power washer and Simple Green at the ready...

19 Years of grime that was hidden behind a fairing is about to disappear.

Cleaned up, reassembled.  Leaks repaired.  Parts added.
Mirrors are 1980's Honda. 
Had to drill and tap the controls so the mirrors would thread in, but it worked perfectly.

Here's where it gets interesting.  I needed a big headlight to cover up the void in the front. 
I had a headlight bucket for a 2003 Indian Chief on hand, but no lens. 
Found one on e-Bay for a reasonable price and ordered it.
Fabricated a mount for the headlight that worked perfectly with the factory
threaded mounts on the lower tree.Needed turn signals.  Had a nice set of take-offs from a Kawasaki. 
They mounted to a set of fork tube mounts for a Memphis Shades windshield. 
The big fairing mounted Fiamm horns were too big to hide, so I pulled a pair of Yamaha horns from
one of the two bins of horns I have on hand.

Oh sure, it's not BMW stuff, but it works and it looks good and it was not a hillbilly hack job.
I only bought one part.  The rest I had here at the shop.

Here's a closeup shot of the headlight mount.  The lower tree has two threaded bosses already on it,
so all I had to do was fabricate a mount to go between them for mounting the headlight.

I had these frame covers from a Harley V-Rod, and I added them to the fuel tank.  They look better from about 10 feet away.

I had some old windshield mounts, which had the same thread as the turn signals.  This made mounting them a breeze.

There are mirror holes on both the master cylinder and the clutch perch, but they are for bolt-through type mirrors.
If you carefully drill them out and tap them, you can use regular Japanese mirrors.  In this case, Honda.

The bike is road ready at this point, but I may continue to add. 
Updates will be posted when that happens.

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