Japanese mirror mounts for BMW motorcycles:

I made some simple mirror adapters so I could use Japanese (M10 threaded) mirrors on my R1150RT. There are many more mirror styles available in this format, and they are less expensive than the BMW mirrors.  I don't like the stock mirror position (fairing mounted) and noticed that most of the Police model BMW motorcycles are running handlebar mount mirrors.

Here's how I did it:

This is a regular M6 metric bolt and some kind of cylinder head nut from a Japanese motorcycle from my incredibly large selection of strange, impossible to find, metric hardware.

The nut has M10 threading on one end and an Allen head on the other.  It was a little too big around to fit in the recess of the handlebar control, so I had to turn it down on the lathe.

It took a few passes, but I got it cut down to the perfect diameter.

I also used the lathe to take off the chrome plating on the nut so paint would stick to it.  I cut the bolt to length and welded it into the end of the nut.

As you can see, it fits perfectly into the recess on the BMW controls and will accommodate M10 threaded Japanese style motorcycle mirrors, or it can be used to mount a GPS or some other unnecessary doo-dad.

Why aren't you out riding?

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